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There Were Three People Who Seriously Didn't Vote for Derrick Henry as the First Team All-Pro Running Back

I expect this sort of nonsense from the 70-year-old BBWAA members voting on the Baseball Hall of Fame, but the fact that three NFL writers didn't vote for Derrick Henry as the First Team All-Pro running back has made me lose whatever modicum of faith I had left in the media.

There were seriously three out of 50 people who looked at the first 2,000-yard rusher since 2012 — and just the eighth player to ever reach that milestone — and said, "You know what, I'm going with the guy who 1,700 yards from scrimmage because he moonlights as a slot receiver." And this is coming from the biggest Alvin Kamara fan in the world. He's an incredibly valuable weapon and probably should have gotten all 50 second place votes, just as Henry should have gotten all 50 first place votes.

I would genuinely love to hear the explanation from those three voters as to their decision making, because I'm going through these guys' stats and I can't even find an arguable justification for voting Kamara over Henry. An extra yard per touch?

There will never be a perfect way to vote on these things and obviously the three votes didn't end up affecting Henry winning, but it's just absurd that we still have sportswriters who do stuff like this just to be contrarians. I think we should let the public vote on local sports media awards that could have potential ramifications on those guys' contracts and financial incentives and see how they like people just throwing votes around to be assholes.

King Henry deserves better.