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Hide Your Grandma Because This Dude Can Install The Shit Out Of Some Drywall

This is back when men were men. When breakfast was a black coffee and a pack of smokes. When lunch wasn't even a meal yet. When dinner was a Salisbury steak, a bottle of whiskey, and another pack of smokes. When having another man mow your lawn would be punishable by death. When you'd get a flat tire on the side of the road and you wouldn't have to call your dad to figure out what to do. The men were men, and this man might have been the manliest of them all. 

Holy heck. Did you see the way he cut out that slot for the electrical outlet? The ease. The precision. You could tell this wasn't his first rodeo. Heck, it wasn't even just his 100th rodeo. And the slicing to get that drywall to bend around that arch? LORDY! 

All I'm saying is that I sure as shit hope none of your grandmas see this video. Or else they're going to track this stallion down and he'll be your new grandpa. The wall may be dry but...well...I don't even want to finish the rest of that thought.