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Pretty Much The Entire Celtics Frontcourt Was Just Put On A 7 Day Quarantine

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Well kick me right in the dick! I mean that's 4 pretty important rotation players we're talking about potentially having to miss the next 7 days. A quick look at the Celts schedule will tell you they have WSH/MIA/CHI/ORL/ORL form now until the 15th. Not a slate of world beaters, but certainly a stretch of their schedule where you would hope they could continue to ride this momentum they currently have. You gut this team's depth and that's suddenly a whole lot harder. That means your depth chart is looking like this during that stretch if those players have to sit out and Teague is still hurt.

Guard: Smart, Pritchard, Edwards, Waters

Wings: Tatum, Jaylen, Semi, Green, Nesmith

Bigs: Theis, Tacko

That's…..a little concerning. What the hell do they do at the big position? Theis picks up 3 fouls the second he wakes up in the morning, Tacko does not have the conditioning to play like 30 minutes. That means what, Semi plays the small ball 5? How is that going to work with the big front court of the Magic? 

With all the outbreak shit going on in the league right now with the Sixers and the fact that the Celts are about to play the Wizards tonight who had just played Brooklyn, this whole thing is quickly turning into a disaster. If the Celts lose four guys in addition to who is already out with injury, they're barely going to be able to field a team. We can't have the Jays the playing 48 minutes a night already. 

I'm not really sure how definite this is and if there's a chance they could avoid this quarantine, but I'm pretty sure nobody else has been able to avoid it. Durant had to. MPJ did his stint and then got slapped with an additional 10 days. I just think the league is NOT fucking around when it comes to this stuff.

We already know the Hospital Celtics are a wagon, but this would be the biggest test of all. Don't let them go 3-2 or better in that stretch that's all I'll say about that.