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I Guess People Are Mad David Ortiz Said Ted Williams' 502 Foot Home Run Is Probably Bullshit Even Though It's Probably Bullshit?

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(Source) The seat is so famous that it even has a website dedicated to it: It marks the landing spot of the longest home run ever hit at Fenway Park, a 502-foot shot by Ted Williams on June 9, 1946. While all the other seats at Fenway are green, the one for seat 21 in row 37 of section 42 is red in honor of Williams’ blast. It is part of Red Sox lore. But according to David Ortiz, a Boston icon in his own right, it is also baloney. “The red seat?” Ortiz said to Boston Globe reporter Alex Speier. “Cough — bull — cough.”




Hey can people just let this fucking guy live. Jesus Christ it’s amazing that people get so worked up about Papi. Doesn’t want to play a position he doesn’t play because he has faith in his friend Napoli getting it together? Not a team player! Got sick and missed a game? Faker! (Which is the most bullshit one because say what you will about Papi but he’s a gamer, he’s not skipping a Yankee series just because.) Says a probably bullshit home run is probably bullshit? HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT TEDDY BALLGAME’S FROZEN HEAD!



This is going to make my grandfather roll over in his grave butttttt the Ted Williams seat is probably bullshit. I obviously don’t know what happened that day, maybe it bounced up there, maybe the game was played in a hurricane, but I have a hard time believing a story that involves a baseball piercing the straw hat of a man sleeping 500 feet away. Can you imagine seeing that in a movie? You’d get up and walk out. You’d throw your popcorn in the vendor’s face for selling you a ticket to a movie with such a stupid, nonsensical scene that would even make a child say, “Eh, sounds like a little much.” But that’s what the headline read the next morning: Ted Williams Pierces Straw Hat With Record Home Run. Ooooook guys, whatever you say. A whole era’s worth of MonStars with baseball bats couldn’t touch the seat but Ted was having target practice with silly lids.



Again, maybe I’m wrong, I wasn’t wearing my straw hat in the stands. But I know it’s not ridiculous to say that it’s probably bullshit. Not many people know right field at Fenway better than David Ortiz does, he’s what you’d call an expert. If he wants to question Ted Williams’ 500 foot, straw hat piercing home run then he’s more than welcome to as far as I’m concerned.