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These Stats About How Bad Northwestern Was Last Night Are Legitimately Jaw Dropping

I genuinely, honestly, hand to God do not understand how that second half is possible by Northwestern. TWO made field goals an entire half and they were by the same person. I simply can't get over that fact. Every other player on Northwestern just didn't make a field goal for 20 minutes. Don't get me wrong Illinois is pretty good defensively, EXCEPT when you can speed them up and spread them out in a PnR. You know what Northwestern wants to do and has done all year? Play fast, take advantage of pick and pops and spread teams out. You know what they did in the second half? Slowed the entire thing down. It made no fucking sense. It makes less sense than reading those tweets all over again. 

Even Underwood is dumbfounded. I really can't think of a game like that before. Sure, we've seen teams come back. We've seen crazy comebacks and we've seen dominating halves. But we have never really seen a team down by 15 at half in a conference game, shoot 8% and lose like Northwestern did. Carl's tweet might sum it up perfectly (ps: you can read his blog here)

What makes that second half wilder is this isn't your typical shitty Northwestern team. They are actually decent! Sure they were overvalued after beating Michigan State, Ohio State and Indiana a bit, but this is still the 22nd best 3pt shooting team in the country. This is still a top-60 offense nationally. I will say this though - their Twitter is fucking hilarious. You can't script these last two tweets by Northwestern any better: