OK, The "Fear The Walking Dead" Trailer Looks Freaking Legit

I know this came out a couple days ago and I apologize. Ever since my own personal Trail Of Tears home from the Shore on Sunday morning followed by a day of softball in the scorching heat, my mental capacity lies somewhere between a gerbil, Hank and a Walker. But holy hell, this looks GOOD. It reminds me of something The Walking Dead, a show I have continually called “The Worst Show Everyone Can’t Stop Watching”, was in its first season, and more. The idea for the show based on the comics has always been great. However, personally, the shit jumped the shark after episodes upon episodes of literally nothing happening. They dedicated minutes of screen time to Carl eating pudding for Christ’s sake. Now there’s an opportunity to wash their hands and start over. Can’t wait to see how they ruin it again.

Legitimately though, The Telltale Walking Dead video game is EASILY the best thing this franchise has produced. A choose your own adventure survivor horror game with more twists, turns and layers than you can imagine. The game is both the tits and the grits.