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Kyrie Irving Skipped Tonight’s Game Because He Didn’t Feel Like Playing

It came out before the game that Kyrie wouldn’t play tonight. The reason? No fucking clue. A disappearance act typically reserved for Derrick Rose. I waited to write it, not because it’s Kyrie, because it’s only just 2021. There’s a lot of 2020 stink on us still. Legitimately anything could have happened to him or a family member and then I look like a dickhead trying to get some internet laughs without knowing the full story. Well now we know the full story  

Just didn’t feel like it. Personal day. Vibes were off. I don’t hate it. Everyone should be able to take a day off, I don’t care the profession. There’s a fuckton of fucked up shit happening in the world, taking a breath is a necessity. I’d want to play in those fire Drazen-era throwbacks, but they’re not going anywhere fast. No rush on that front.  

What genuinely infuriates me is people not communicating. It’s so easy to call, text, send a carrier pigeon, anything. We’re in the future, it’s literally never been easier to get messages to other human beings anywhere on the planet. Steve Nash, first year coach of a team with high expectations, looks like an idiot here telling people he has no idea why his starting point guard isn’t playing. The Nets probably get fined here after Adam Silver changed the rules this offseason for players sitting out. Like I said, take your personal day, just don’t leave your coworkers looking foolish in the process  

I can’t believe we’re mere weeks into the season and the Knicks look like the more competent franchise in New York.