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AMC Released a Full Length Original "Better Call Saul" Music Video


At first I was like what the fuck was the point of a music video? But then I realized that’s the most AMC/Breaking Bad-ish thing to do. Exactly like when they announced the show was already picked up for season 2 before they even aired season 1. They zig when we think they are going to zag. Keep you on your toes. Think you’re getting a new trailer with scenes from the show? Nope. You’re getting a folk song music video. Breaking Bad set the standard and “Better Call Saul” is going to pick right back up where it left off in terms of awesome television. You already know it’s not going to let you down. It’s almost impossible to fuck it up, like the return of the McRib. Vince Gilligan is too good at his job and Saul is too awesome of a character to mess up. And the best news is it starts once when football ends. Perfect planning.