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Steve-O Made a Compliation Video Of His Craziest Naked Stunts, So That's What We're Watching Now


Let me tell you what happens in this video before you watch it. Steve-O sits in a bathtub and takes you on a walk down memory lane about all the times he's done stunts naked. That's the video. Just Steve-O reminiscing about the things he's done naked. To be honest, this video very well could be 15 hours long, but he kept it to a tight 7 minutes. 

I know a lot of us here are big fans of Steve O and blog about him often, and that's simply because he's one of the biggest legends of our time. He's the Wayne Gretzky of stunt comedy. Untouchable at the top.

So enjoy naked (but censored but still NSFW) Steve-O. 

Oh and there's one gross part at the beginning with his cum. Didn't see that cumming. Lol. But really.