John Mulaney is a Really Good Stand Up Comedian Whose Show Last Night Was Really Bad


I’ve been trying to watch “Mulaney” this morning and have to keep pausing it because it’s really, really bad. Doesn’t help that a lot of the jokes are ripped right out of his stand up, but I’m giving that a pass because it’s just the pilot episode and that’s to be expected. What sucks is everything else though. The laugh track. The fake wackiness. The terrible sitcom cliches like the token black guy and crazy but hot chick. It’s all there. All so predictable. As one person said “The premiere was so cliche about all the jokes that at the start, I half expected them to break the fourth wall, say ‘We wouldn’t do that’, and jump cut to the real show.”

Here’s what you have to assume happened- The people in charge at Fox wanted to make the new Seinfeld. They found a really funny and young white guy named John Mulaney and then ripped the creative control from his hands. He wasn’t going to turn down the paycheck, and they got their wacky white person sitcom. Pretty insulting to white people to be honest. There’s no way someone as funny as him signed off on making such a bad show. Hard to imagine the guy who created the Stefon character on SNL would purposely make a show this bad. Some people are in such disbelief that the show is so bad that they are saying he did it on purpose to mock terrible sitcoms.

The silver lining in all of this is that reviews are so bad, 1) it can only get better, and 2) Seinfeld was also universally panned it’s first season. If you’re going to be a “fake Seinfeld” as it’s being called, might as well start off with everyone hating it too? The good news is John Mulaney is a really smart and funny person, so if there is someone who can figure it out, it’s him. The idiots in charge of the network just have to allow him to. Old people who think they know what the audience likes are usually wrong, and I believe that’s why this show is so bad. I’m going to give it a chance though.