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If You've Been Anxious to Hear What the Celebrities Thought About the Capitol Riot, E! News Has Got You Covered

If you're anything like me, you have a hard time processing the sight of armed American citizens wreaking havoc inside the halls of what is supposed to be the proud symbol of American democracy. Just like you've had a hard time processing months of cities on fire. Battle lines drawn between protesters and law enforcement. Armed insurgencies. Death and mayhem. All coming in the middle of a pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands. It's hard to witness the country you love at war with itself and possibly fractured beyond the ability of anyone to repair it. I've seen it in other places around the globe over the course of my lifetime but never imagined I'd see it here. 

Fortunately, as we try to make sense of the insensible nature of it all, we have something those other countries do not have: A culture of fawning celebrity worship and the famous entertainers who stand at the center of it. 

Whatever we might lack in terms of national unity and moral political leadership, we more than make up for in this. In outlets like E! News, who understands that in confusing times such as these, what we need more than anything else is to hear what Sarah Jessica Parker, Chloe Grace Moretz, Pink and Demi Lovato think. They know that in moments of strife, more than anything we want to know what's going on in the minds of the stars of "Hocus Pocus" and the child actress who played Hit-Girl in "Kick Ass." 

And the internet would seem to feel the same way.

So thank you, access media, for giving us the content you know we not only want, but that we absolutely need right now. 

And to the rest of the internet who appreciates how utterly ridiculous this kind of coverage of a legitimate crisis is, thank you. It's moments like this that restore faith not just in social media, but in America itself. It's comforting to be reminded normal people have the fringe lunatics and the celebrity sychophants outnumbered. And you, like me, remembered that Dave Chappelle had the last word on this horseshit years ago. 

Speaking of which, do we actually KNOW what Ja Rule thinks about all this?