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Goodbye Francisco Lindor. I Am Heartbroken And Will Not Be Giving Another Penny To The Indians Ownership


I knew this was coming eventually but I was not emotionally ready for it to be today. We've got the Browns first playoff appearance in 18 years coming up this weekend. The very next night we have the Buckeyes in the National Championship. I haven't seen morale this high in Ohio since the 2016 championship run by LeBron and the Cavs. And now my heart is broken. The Cleveland Indians ownership, led by the poorest billionaire this world has ever seen, have officially admitted that they care more about making a couple bucks than winning. Larry Dolan is the worst owner in sports. Lindor would have stayed if we would have offered him what he's worth. He said it himself.

The Dolans got rid of the logo, then the team name, and now the actual team. 

Add him to the list. Jim Thome, CC Sabathia, Trevor Bauer, Cliff Lee, Corey Kluber, Victor Martinez, Mike Clevinger. The list goes on and on and on. Drafting and developing high level talent just to watch them leave in the midst of their prime: the story of the Cleveland Indians. What an absolute joke. I'm sick and tired of these rich ass owners crying poor. If you can't afford to own a competitive baseball team, then take your billions and go home. I refuse to believe that the Cleveland Indians are "strapped for money". They just have an owner that is more concerned about maximizing profits than maximizing wins. Listen, your entire family's family's family is set up for the rest of their life. You don't need to be the owner of the Cleveland Indians to be financially secure. But the Cleveland Indians deserve an owner that cares more about putting a good product on the field instead of cheap one that will net a couple extra bucks in profit at the end of the year.

This trade makes me sick. Francisco Lindor was more than just a great baseball player. He was cool. He was marketable. He was a fan favorite. He's in his prime. And he was REALLY GOOD. How do the Dolans not see this? I'd venture to say we just lost more money by trading him than by not signing him to a huge deal. You just lost the interest of a lot of fans. I'll be calling later today to get my refund on ticket money I carried over from last season. I'm not giving this organization another dime until they start caring about what the fans care about: winning.

I honestly don't even care what we got back, but here's what it is:

Check back with me in 5 years and I'll tell you if these prospects panned out or if they're worthless. I'll tell you who wasn't worthless: Frankie Lindor. My god, this trade blows. Waving the white flag instead of opening your checkbook, again.

Goodbye, Francisco Lindor. I'll always be a fan of yours. I'm embarrassed to have to cheer for the Cleveland….whatever you want to call them.