In Honor of Nic Cage's Birthday, What Are His Best 5 Roles?

Cage is a weird sort of guy to explain. He is obviously very famous, but his fame exists in this weird grey area. The dude has been in great movies, but is also mostly known as the guy who doesn't turn down a role. Some people say he sucks and hams it up, other people think that is part of his charm. Even more people are intrigued with his "off-the-field" life. The dude was born a god damn Coppola, dresses outlandishly, and has spent over $150 million dollars on dinosaur bones, European castles, and Pygmey heads. He also has a large Emo son which is pretty cool IMHO.

No matter how you look at it, he is undeniably magnetic. Also, he has shitty roles but he can undeniably act well. The guy won an Oscar for christ sakes. Also, if you want a more recent example, watch 'Mandy'. He was UNREAL in that. Anyway, take a scroll through his unending list of movies and pick what you think are his top 5. After you submit, click "see previous results" to see how everyone else voted.