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BREAKING: The Mets Are Reportedly Trading For Francisco Lindor And Carlos Carrasco

Uncle Stevie has arrived and dropped a motherfucking HAMMER on the baseball world. Mets fans have been squirming around wondering when their team was going to make another move like they didn't already lock up their catcher in James McCann, a front of the rotation starter in Marcus Stroman, and a big bad motherfucker reliever in Trevor May. 

Well it looks like the Mets are spending some of the real life Bobby Axelrod's billions (see what I did there) to land Francisco Lindor in one of these weird modern day trades where you basically acquire a stud player about to get paid his true market value as well as Carlos Carrasco, which I did NOT see coming. I thought the Mets would go after a Jake Odorizzi or Corey Kluber type after tickling Trevor Bauer's balls to no avail. Instead we get Carlos Carrasco to place in a rotation that should have Jacob deGrom, Marcus Stroman, and Noah Syndergaard in it at some point, God of Thunder willing.

Look, I love Gimme Gimmie, think Amed Rosario could be a very good player for a long time, am sure Josh Wolf and Isiah Green have nice prospect profiles. But getting a 27-year-old five tool superstar like Lindor in return for that is simply unbelievable. If this is what being a Mets fan is going to be like during the Steve Cohen Era, I can get very used to it very quickly. 

Speaking of which, if any Cleveland fans that are sick of their shitty Dolan owner, I welcome you with open arms to jump on the Mets bandwagon. We may be a little bit crude and crazy, but we have nothing but love in our hearts and appreciate the plight of people fucked by the cheapness of the people who own their team. There is simply no excuse to trade a player like that as he enters his prime in a healthy sport.

I think/hope the Mets should still be in on George Springer because quite frankly there is no reason they shouldn't be. You build a team up the middle and having Brandon Nimmo in center for another year is not a solid foundation. There still should be some wiggle room for a Springer deal like that even if Lindor's contract goes on the books ASAP. But you know what, I'm not going to worry about stuff like that right now. Today is about celebrating responsibly with some ice cold Coors Lights and getting excited about baseball again.


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