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Joel Dahmen, The 64th-Ranked Golfer In The World, Has A Club In His Bag That He Got Off eBay For $44

So on today's Fore Play we had on on the 64th ranked player in the world, Joel Dahmen. We expected to talk to him for about 20 minutes but instead he hung out and chatted for an entire hour because he's awesome. Joel Dahmen is just one of our guys now, similar to the way Kevin Kisner. Joel is super chill and funny and he just so happens to be one of the best golfers in the world. One of the more stunning revelations from the podcast is that Joel has a club in his bag that he bought off eBay for 44 bucks. Now it's one thing for us weekend hackers to peruse eBay and pick out a club for under 50 dollars, but it's honestly stunning that a guy as good as Joel would do it. He could have any club in the world, But hey, if it works it works. The fact that Joel can pick up any ol' club and play on the PGA Tour really speaks to the ginormous talent gap between guys like him and guys like us. Incredible.

Joel also talks about a wide range of other topics on the show. What it's like playing with Tiger Woods, calling out Sung Kang, changing his putter grip week-to-week, how frustrating it was to play against the four of us at Mesa Country Club and a whole lot more. A great chat with a great guy.

Be sure to check out the premiere of our Fore Man Scramble we did vs Joel tonight at 8pm on our YouTube channel. Joel might even be in the chat 

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