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We Need To Pull The Plug On The Internet After Someone Made This Deepfake Video Of Characters In The Office Becoming Michael Scott

Cuncel da internet! I don't care what type of damage this deepfake technology can cause in the real world using political figures or some sort of other sick twisted shit. There are certain things that should just never be seen and watching Michael Scott morph into Pam Beasley and the rest of Scranton's finest like he's fucking Mystique is one of them. Deepfakes will probably be the exact technology the machines use against humans to turn on themselves in the inevitable war between man and robot that is probably closer to happening than any of us imagine. However it's shit like this that makes me think having deepfake software on your computer should be equal to having an illegal nuclear warhead in your garage. Instant jail time or whatever the fuck they give people for having illegal nukes if that's even a thing, which it has to be, right?