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The Barstool Fund - Cactus Cantina

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Cactus Cantina is a restaurant influenced by Southern California cultures nestled in Mission Grove, a friendly neighborhood in the beautiful city of Riverside. With a beautiful outdoor patio, large banquet room, bar and plenty of TV's, Cactus Cantina has something for everyone.



Reader Email


My name is Kayla and I am submitting this on behalf of my parents, aunt and uncle who could very much benefit from any financial support to keep their restaurant alive. The Cactus Cantina is a family owned restaurant located in Riverside, California. The restaurant has been own for 16 years and is a town staple to many in the area. Unfortunately, like many other businesses, the pandemic has really hit them hard. When indoor and outdoor dining was first closed in March, my family took the opportunity to completely renovate the inside of the restaurant, to ensure in it was in the best condition for its loyal customers when the pandemic allowed it to reopen. They also have taken any steps necessary and invested in equipment and materials to ensure safety for all of its employees and customers (including a large tent for outdoor dining).

Unfortunately California’s state government has been very unproductive in regard to its reopening, and as of now still has indoor and outdoor dining closed and is only allowing take out orders. My mother and aunt personally have pleaded to its city council members for any help and have fought to allow at least outdoor dining, but no one has changed the protocol in their city, despite restaurant owners’ abilities to keep safe distancing. Restaurants there have basically have had all of the cards stacked against them and the City of Riverside and State of California doesn’t seem to care.

This business is my family’s livelihood and it has been heartbreaking seeing the amount of effort and energy my parents, aunt, and uncle have put into complying with all rules and protocol in place by the city and state, just to receive no help to keep its doors open from government.

As the co-owners of the restaurant, my parents, aunt and uncle have kept pay roll in place for all of its employees throughout the entirety of the pandemic. They have taken a huge financial hit unfortunately.

Any financial support would be an absolute blessing for my family. I know there are probably a significant amount of people submitting small businesses in need of help, as everyone is severely hurting. So if this is seen at all I would like to just thank you for reading, and thank you for doing this for so many people and truly making a huge difference for many small business owners (especially as a huge fan of Borrelli’s and had many meals there before hockey games at Nassau Coliseum as a child).

Thank you again