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What's Your LEAST FAVORITE Movie Of 2020?

The 2020 movie season has come to a close (with only a few more movies I need to see... looking at you, 'News of the World'), so it's time to get out those Top 5 & 10 or Bottom 5 & 10 movie rankings for the year.

We kicked it off with the LEAST FAVORITE movies of the year. Maybe these movies weren't the worst (maybe they were), but they were all movies that stuck in our heads as being one we truly didn't care for this year.

If you listen to Lights Camera Barstool, you'll know my number-one was easy...

Easily one of my least favorite movies ever, 'The Wrong Missy' got a fat fucking 0/100 from me.

It wasn't funny, it was over-the-top annoying, and a sorry-ass excuse for a movie. Chances are this was another Happy Madison movie used as a vessel to turn a quick buck or millions of streams for Netflix, all while Adam Sandler's buddies could get a nice and free vacation.

A lot of movies on this list truly annoyed me, but 'The Wrong Missy' stole the show.

Comment below with your least favorite movie of 2020, and make sure to listen and subscribe to our podcast.