How You React To Nina Agdal Eating With Her Feet Will Say A Lot About You




How did you feel watching that?  Because your reaction to that will say a lot about you.  You’re either shrugging your shoulders right now because it was kinda weird to watch a swimsuit model eat with her feet or you’re furiously jerking off because you just found out you’re into girls eating with their feet.  It’s one or the other.  I should clarify and say either reaction is fine.  This is a judge-free zone.  Some people are into traditional sexual situations while others get rock hard watching Nina Agdal eat with her toes.  It’s all fine.  We’re all one this planet just trying to figure it out.  I will say that the video did nothing for me.  I went into it thinking it would but I ended up being hungry.  I felt nothing in my plums which was a little disappointing.  Oh well.


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