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Shotgunning a Beer in the Hospital is a Legendary Way to Celebrate Finishing Chemo And Kicking Cancer's Ass

There's a lot of shitty stuff going on in the world today, but it's great videos like these that really give us some happiness and hope. This dude finishing up his chemo treatment and immediately shotgunning a Busch Light in the hospital is just fantastic all around. What a human being.  Rocking the Aaron Rodgers jersey too while probably doing it quicker than 12 ever could based on what we know about his beer chugging abilities. 

Just stick to football and scotch Aaron and we'll be just fine. Hell, the Packers just got the green light to let in a few thousand fans for the divisional round of the playoffs. I see no reason why this fine gentleman shouldn't be in attendance come next week. 

Just a legendary move through and through that'll surely put a smile on your face to start this Friday. Congrats to this man for kicking cancer's ass and coming out on top.