This Andrew McCutchen Card Was ROBBED Of Top Spot In The 2020 Sports Card Rankings

One of my favorite things that has come from quarantine outside of The Dozens trivia has been the resurgence of sports cards. They're back baby and I can't stop ripping packs. Nothing like buying some packs and ripping through them hoping to find the gem. These new athletes have changed the game too, Ja Morant, Zion, Jason Dominguez, Luis Robert, Wander Franco, Adley, Trout, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, Tua, they are all changing the landscape of sports cards. These aren't just cards anymore either, these are legit pieces of art. That's why when I was reading on about the top 20 cards of 2020, I was OUTRAGED when this card wasn't #1. 

This Topps Series 2 short print of Andrew McCutchen is by far the coolest fucking card produced in 2020. We all remember when Cutch did his "Uncle Larry" bit, it was only right that Topps flipped it into an awesome card. It's not a terribly expensive card at all, but that isn't what makes the card. It's the chain, it's the glasses, it's the cup, it's the jersey buttoned down to his damn bellybutton. There's no doubt this should be the top card of 2020. Cutch seemed to like it too.

And no disrespect to the top card in Beckett's rankings, it's just a Zion Williamson card that is allegedly worth $500,000 if you pull the logoman patch with Zion's sig on it too. Nice little read on that card here. Game is changing folks, there is big money in these packs just waiting to be pulled. If you're not doing breaks or watching these breaks like Duggs does, you're missing out. And while the Zion card is like a lottery ticket, Cutch and Uncle Larry should have been the #1 card of 2020. I rest my case.