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FACT: Clementines Kick The Shit Out Of Oranges In Every Single Facet Of The Game

Yothin Sanchai / EyeEm. Getty Images.

The headline speaks for itself. I can't imagine there are many folks out there who would have read that headline and didn't immediately think to themselves, "yes, he is absolutely correct". But it's still something that needed to be said. 

Clementines are still a highly overlooked, and often disrespected fruit. These are not just "tiny oranges". They are everything that an orange should set out to be. I would love for anybody out there to tell me one way in which the orange reigns superior to the small, yet mighty, clementine. 

For starters, clementines are so much easier to peel than oranges. By the time you're done peeling an orange, it's dry as a bone because you've already squeezed all the juice out of it onto your hands. The clementine is a little minx and basically does all the undressing for you. 

They're sweeter. They're seedless. They're smaller, which just means that you have more power when it comes to portion control. You want to just pop one for a quick pre-lunch snack? Go ahead. You want to rip through 4 of them to close out the work day? You got it. But with an orange, you're much more limited. So the list just goes on and on for why it is long past due to start holding clementines in much higher regard than we do with oranges. 

Sidenote: The fact that oranges/clementines/grapefruits/etc. are pre-sliced naturally is wild. How haven't scientists figured out a way to create pre-sliced apples yet? Feel like there's a lot of dumber shit they waste their time on.