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'The Challenge: Double Agents' Ep. 4 Recap & Power Rankings - Loyalty Doesn't Mean Shit

*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* 

We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on Twitter) we're going to have the blog damnit. The Challenge is too damn good of a show to not be talked about. Each Thursday I'll drop one of these recaps and power rankings so we all can argue about America's fifth sport. Maybe I'll convince the other guys from No Quitters to do a chat and we'll post the chat like it's the old podcast. 

Devin is a loose cannon and needs to be on every season now

I fucking love Devin and I don't care who knows it. Last episode we saw him put on one of the single greatest performances we've ever seen. Fast forward to last night and we got one of the weirdest opening scenes I can remember. It's Devin, Amber M., Kyle and Big T hanging out together while Big T spills her heart about how she was 'gifted' to her aunt at the age of 4 because her parents were dying and that was a form of adoption. Really pulling at the heartstrings here, something I don't care for on The Challenge. Luckily it immediately cuts to Devin telling Amber M to leave because he doesn't like hanging out with her. Fucking outrageous and made me laugh. But really it set up Nelson coming into a hungover Devin's room and making up a story about Amber M. crying to him. I don't know why but everyone is just lying about crying this season. Also hilarious that we got the first Nelson movie bit. If you listened to No Quitters you know what I mean here. 

Liv left, do you even know who that is? 

I love how The Challenge just randomly snuck in that Liv was off the show due to injury. She barely had TV time, she was paired with Mechie, now making him a free agent. But this is Liv: 

Again, this only matters because Mechie became a rogue agent. You probably don't know who that is because again, they were never on TV. 

The dumbest Challenge ever

We know they are trying to build up this whole 'agent' thing this season. It's what the Challenge does now, really starting with like Dirty 30. But this challenge was so bad for TV. One person had to essentially blindly fly a drone while their teammate directed them to get to a key to get a binary code. Once they got the code, they unlocked it, boom, they win. Except everyone sucked at driving the drone. Literally every team crashed besides Devin and Tori. The only good thing this daily challenge gave us was TJ just laughing like a lunatic and telling each team how much they suck. If we still had No Quitters we would have gotten at least 45 minutes on N64 talk too thanks to CT listing all the gaming devices he's had. Nothing better than N64. 

Josh is a big, dumb bitch again

Josh is just the definition of a big, dumb bitch. During the party at the bubble bar he's talking about how he's ready to get a skull. Now if you watch this show you know that about this point in the season Josh always talks about how he wants to prove himself and then refuses to go in the elimination and claims everyone is out to get him. No, you're just a big, dumb bitch. He starts by randomly trying to get into shit with Jay, who is in his alliance. 

He's just the worst. Even more on him being a big, dumb bitch later. But this was part of the voting when it was down to Nelson/Amber M and Nany/Josh for the house vote. 

Tori and Devin have no idea what the fuck to do

Tori and Devin hate each other. Legit hate each other. But they are both damn good at this game and Devin smartly paired up with her after last season. They seemed smart at first in the sense of they agreed to save 3 teams from voting and target other people in the house. But then Tori wanted to go in if it was vs Amber and a physical event. Devin, who has the skull, smartly said no because you don't know if it's a guy's, girl's or team elimination. It's still an individual game at this point. This led to one of the greatest plot twists and heel turns we've seen.

Fessy is smart, if you disagree you don't understand this game and are a big dummy

I never imagined I'd say Fessy is smart. But here's what happened and why he's smart. The camera shows them walking into The Crater for elimination and what do we see? HALL motherfucking BRAWL

This is where Devin is smart again. Tori is demanding to go in and play Amber, except TJ doesn't tell them what sort of elimination it is. Devin tells her tonight and she shockingly listens. Good thing, it's a guys elimination, which isn't shocking because of Liv's departure. This is where we get Josh being a big dumb bitch. Nelson is down there and Josh thinks he's getting voted in by Tori because 'he wants it.' Instead she votes for Aneesa and Fessy. Josh loses his shit. He's panting and pacing and practically crying. You know, Josh things. 

Now why is Fessy there? When they walked in and saw Hall Brawl, Fessy told Tori that if it was a guys elimination to throw him in so he could get a skull. Again, a SMART play. Who gives a fuck what Josh wants? Obviously everyone is blind-sided because Josh and Fessy are friends, Nelson and Fessy are friends. But this is about winning money, idiots. 

Then during the Hall Brawl, Fessy is accused of playing dirty. Essentially trying to murder Nelson, ripping his helmet off, even get a warning from TJ after round 1. This of course leads to Nelson giving some speech about how friendship is done and whatever. Again, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. 

Speaking of heel Fessy

I want this to be true so much. The producers played up Fessy hitting on Tori, even him saying she's hot. They played up like there's something there even though at the time of filming Tori is still with Jordan. Fessy even says 'she's got a guy at home' before he starts hitting on someone else. But these rumors would make for a GREAT rivalry with Fessy and Jordan. Also here's Tori

Fessy immediately ditches Aneesa

It was only a matter of time before this happened. Fessy didn't want to get picked by Aneesa in episode 1 and stuck with her for a few challenges. But he wanted someone in his alliance and grabbed Kaycee from Leroy. Again, SMART decision because it's a dumb decision. Yeah the house hates him. But guess how you stay safe? You win the challenge and Kaycee is one of the best female contestants out there. You want to stay safe, you win the challenge. That simple. He improves his odds with Kaycee. Leroy then takes Aneesa and Mechie and Amber M are paired up. 

Power Rankings


12. Mechie

11. Lio

10. Nam

9. Josh

8. Jay

7. Leroy

6. Kyle

5. Darrell

4. Cory

3. CT

2. Devin

1. Fessy


13. Gabby

11. Amber B

10. Amber M

9. Big T

8. Nany

7. Lolo

6. Kam

5. Theresa

4. Aneesa

3. Tori

2. Kaycee

1. Natalie

Team Rankings

12. Mechie/Amber M.

11. Lio/Gabby

10. Josh/Nany

9. Nam/Lolo

8. Jay/Theresa

7. Darrell/Amber B

6. CT/Big T

5. Leroy/Aneesa

4. Kyle/Kam

3. Cory/Natalie

2. Devin/Tori

1. Kaycee/Fessy