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VOTE TODAY...For The Best 1994 Movie Snake Draft On Dog Walk

I made my second appearance on a Dog Walk Snake Draft this week, replacing the esteemed White Sox Dave, Esq. We drafted movies released in 1994, one of the richest of the last 30 years (even if it's a little top-heavy).

I think the Top 5 were easy to call but it was just a matter of which order they'd go. There was no doubt what my first pick was going to be.

PULP FICTION was a no-brainer for me. It's not a well-crafted crowd-pleaser set in a prison or a CGI-infused popcorn flick about a dolt with good timing. It's a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that changed Hollywood moviemaking forever. Easy call.

I had HOOP DREAMS in my 2-hole and frankly would've been shocked and disappointed if three Chicago guys missed it but my man Eddie snagged it. But I was still happy with another QT-penned film in NATURAL BORN KILLERS, the most controversial film of the year. 

'94 wasn't exactly a bumper crop for quality comedies (unless you were Jim Carrey). I debated between ACE VENTURA and the no-budget cult comedy CLERKS. In the end, I decided to honor my first two jobs and took the latter.

I had THE PROFESSIONAL penciled in for my 4th pick but my guy KenJac grabbed it first. But I was still happy to end up with Tim Burton's brilliant ED WOOD, a entertaining and Oscar-winning homage to the eponymous director of '50s schlock.

I hemmed and hawed over my last spot. I contemplated taking PCU or CRUMB (I had yet to choose a doc in a thin year for them). But I'd already taken my cult comedy in the 3rd round so went with the dark and excellent comic book movie, THE CROW.

These definitely are not the best 25 movies from the year 1994. But I had my guy.

I'm glad Carl teed me up for this Cam Neely story because it's pretty cool. No, I wasn't woofed up for the draft. Those MFs put me on X2 for the clip.

Listen and/or watch here:

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