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The Barstool Fund - George's Barber Shop

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George's Barber Shop is a 5th generation family owned and operated business — and is known worldwide as the Oldest Barber Shop in the USA. Their team of Professional Master Barbers has the experience and knowledge to give you the exact haircut you are looking for.

Reader Email

Barstool Sports, 

Your support for Small Business is Greatly Appreciated.

        My name is Mike Moriello and I am the current Owner/Operator of George's Barber Shop in Saugus, MA. The Oldest Family Owned and Operated Barber Shop in the entire USA! George's Barber Shop was originally opened by my Great-Grandfather, George, way back in 1898 in Cliftondale Square Saugus, MA where it still stands today. Next in line as Owner was my Grandfather, George, who then passed the family business on to my Father George who then passed the torch on to me making me the 4th Generation Owner/Operator. 

        My family has always believed that becoming a BIG Part of the Community and always giving back to the people that support you over the years is definitely a major key to Small Business success and longevity. We are the oldest business of any kind in the Town of Saugus at nearly 125 years in business so I would have to agree that their business plan is correct.

        We have been in business for well over a Century and never in all that time had we ever been forced to shut down until recently when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit us hard. For approximately 3 months we were forced by the State of Massachusetts to close our doors. On top of that, the new State restrictions and regulations have severely limited our normal operation procedures and we are unable to serve our customers at full capacity which in turn makes it nearly impossible to stay in business… 

        I fear that nearly 125 years of hard work put in by by family to build this Small Business and important part of the Community could possibly be wiped out by the horrible Corona Virus Pandemic…

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

FUN FACT: We are the hometown Barber Shop of your very own Jared Carrabis and have known him since he was a little kid. 

Happy Holidays, Mike Moriello