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Some Canadians Got SONKed Thinking That The U.S. Junior Team Was Calling Canada Trash

After the U.S. snuffed out Canada for the WJC gold last night, they posed for the obligatory on-ice team photos. Just before the pics were snapped, the team made sure to include a large blue drum or barrel of some sort that had a piece of paper with Canada's logo on it.

When I saw it, I was certainly curious because I hadn't seen a team do it before. Yet I wasn't going to assume the worst, particularly given how the team and coaching staff had represented the States during the tourney. I couldn't imagine Nate Leaman would be down with anything that woud disparage an opponent, particularly after a tough loss.

But we are talking about Twitter, a land of incurious overreaction. Many folks did assume the worst. And that renowned Canadian politesse went right out the window. 

Love me some #classy Twitter.

I mean, I could make this blog a kilometer mile long just with whiny, presumptive Tweets originating north of the currently closed border. You get the point. 

But not longer after the game, a Canadian reporter clarified the significance of the non-trash barrel.

The Tweets are coming from inside the house!

Ah, so it turns out the Americans weren't calling their rivals "trash" or anything else in fact. They were simply taking the tournament "one barrel at a time". And Canada just happened to be the last barrel in this metaphor that takes us from frozen ice in Canada to the vast sands of Africa. A simple and perfectly reasonable explanation. 

Hey cancuks: ask questions first, shoot later.

That wasn't the only thing that pissed off our hoser friends last night. I've been obsessed with punny tabloid headlines ever since I started reading the Herald back in the day (when it was the paper of the working-class Bostonian and not a prop rag). Tim Kazurinsky's bits on SNL further solidified my love of good hed. So I shared what I came up with at the conclusion of last night's tilt.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Using the goalie's name twice to ape the final score was just an added ironic bonus. Naturally, it wasn't well-received everywhere in North America.

Once again, you get the point. But it's all good and all in good fun.

I genuinely fucking love Canada. But...