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Large Discusses What Life Is Like Having COVID And Kids

New year, same old bullshit! In case you missed it on Breakfast earlier this week, coronavirus has infected the podfam after Large and his crew came down with COVID. The big fella usually takes a report, but today he gives us a report about all the challenges that come with being sick with kids, taking, trying to figure out who else may have come in contact with your family, and being an overgrown man with a litany of healthy problems battling that fucked up virus.

I break down the joys and struggles of Christmas with two kids old enough to be obsessed with the dream of seeing Santa Claus on Christmas Eve before diving into stories involving 2021 being a Baby Bust year. teenagers using face masks to buy booze underage, and some mailbag questions from our pals including the wildest mailbag question in the history of Podfathers.

Get well big man*!

*I know you never read my blogs, Large. But still feel better you son of a bitch. And subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or at least have one of your kids do it since you don't know how to