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Rejoice Parents, That Little Fuckface Caillou Has Been Cancelled!

To be clear, Caillou was cancelled in the traditional sense that his TV show was not picked up by a network for a myriad of reasons, not the new age sense where a bunch of Twitter got mad at something he said or did, even though that little asshole probably has some cancel worthy skulls in his closet.

Personally I only watched five minutes of Caillou because I was told years ago during the early days of Podfathers that Caillou was a bratty little asshole and those agonizing five minutes of television viewing confirmed it. 

However, if I hadn't subjected myself to that little assholes tirades, the internet is rejoicing like coronavirus got cancelled last night instead of a show about a little kid would have.

Actually you know what? Instead of going through the 8 billion tweets saying fuck Caillou, let's just wrap things up with a few people who had the internet decency to use the hashtag #FuckCaillou so they would be easier to find.

Along with the Twitter GOAT unleashing holy hell on Caillou's name

So congrats to the many parents freed from Caillou's reign of terror as well as the younger Stoolies who grew up with that show since it started in 1997(!!!). I don't know what PBS will get to fill in Caillou's timeslot but more of my guy Daniel Tiger never hurt anyone or maybe the nerds at PBS can try to swing some sort of trade with Disney+ to get Bluey on since it is a show that both kids and parents love because it's relatable, funny, yet also perfectly encapsulates the chase of what it's like being a parent.

For the people still craving Caillou content however, I guess Grown Up Caillou will have to suffice.

Next Up On The Cancel Hitlist: That pretentious swine Peppa & Co.