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PK Subban Leaks A Video Of Himself Rubbing His Meat. Only A Week Away From The Season, No Less!

Gotta be honest with you guys--PK Subban seasons his ribs like an absolute wild man. But I respect it. 

Would I like to see some salt and pepper on those bad boys? Of course. S&P is the choice for me. And really the only reason for throwing paprika on the ribs isn't for the flavor, but to get that nice, rich mahogany color. Who knows, though. Maybe PK dry brined his ribs for a few hours before this video and he didn't need to throw any more salt into the rub. 

Either way, PK is totally right. When you're dealing with meat, it's more of an art. It's more of a feel. You don't need to open up a cookbook and follow a recipe down to the exact teaspoon. You just have to follow your heart and see where it takes you. If that means you want to no-look snap that paprika around when you're rubbing your meat, then trust your instincts and no-look snap that paprika around. 

And if you want any more tips on how to smoke up a rack of ribs, here's episode 1 of Meat Sweats with Jordie.