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Quick Check On UNC Basketball: Roy Williams is Begging And Pleading For His 5-Star Recruits To Be Good Before He Dies

[247] - And at one point, I started to go with him at the point guard spot because Caleb and R.J. - looking at them now - they're 2-for-14. Those guys are going to be really good basketball players. They've got to decide to do it before I die. Hopefully this year, but they're going to be really good basketball players and they've just got to start making better decisions with their turnovers and at the same time, make some more shots.”

Jesus, Roy. Take it down a notch man. We've seen you collapse on the sideline because of your vertigo, we don't need you talking about dropping dead before Caleb Love and RJ Davis figure shit out. Granted, it's an A+ quote. He sounds like an upset parent that is screaming at his two children for acting up. The best part is this is a quote AFTER a win. Sure, it was because Andrew Platek hit a game-winner: 

Sure, Miami should have to fold the program for letting Andrew Platek beat you at the buzzer, but that's not here nor there. I understand that Miami has been ravaged with injuries all year including to its best player Chris Lykes. You just can't lose to Andrew Platek at the buzzer. But this is what is making Roy Williams lose his marbles …. again. For the second straight year this UNC team just isn't great. Way better than last year, but even UNC fans will tell you they aren't that good this year. Still my favorite thing Roy did was from last year: 

So the two players he's talking about are RJ Davis and Caleb Love. Two top-50 recruits and two guys that were supposed to be part of the reason UNC turned shit around this year. Instead, uh, here's their stat line: 

Granted 5-stars aren't exactly known for being great under Roy at UNC. It's a weird thing. Yeah, he's had guys like Coby White, but at the same time Nassir Little didn't live up to expectation. Roy's at his best with the multi-year guys that can learn the secondary transition and his schemes. But this blog is out of fear for Roy. This is now the second year in a row that Roy has begged his team to be good before he dies (h/t Forbes)

Roy Williams cannot comment on uncommitted recruits but said he enjoys the recruiting process and watching his future players.

“I just hope I live long enough to enjoy that,” he said. “Two things, one thing it’s gut-wrenching about what kind of season you’re going through but college coaching, the game and the practices is such a little part of it. There’s other things you have to do, whether it’s speaking to your alums or recruiting or whatever. So this is a huge part of the job anyway.

“Everybody says, ‘Well, you got help coming.” I jokingly I hope say that I’m going to live long enough to get there.”

Well Roy, a little good news bad news. You made it long enough to get help. Bad news is you're talking about dying before the help becomes good enough to help. Gotta admit I'm fully enjoying Roy's transition into crazy old man. He's becoming enjoyable for me. He's even swearing!