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You see that folks? You see that? That's something we like to call a backscreen for a corner three. Didn't know Kentucky was capable of running that play 10 days ago, let alone making that shot. But this is what we call SEC Kentucky. This is what we call 2021 Kentucky. That 6 game losing streak? Fuck that. 2-game winning streak. That's what matters. That's what we're focusing on. I don't care if it was a win by inches, ever hear Al Pacino's speech in Any Given Sunday? Life is a game of inches. 2020 this shot goes in, but SEC Kentucky? This shot somehow fell to the side. Great defense if you ask me

The crazy part? Kentucky didn't have Terrence Clarke the entire game. Kentucky benched BJ Boston the last 6:38. Isaiah Jackson barely played the final six minutes. Those are the three big time recruits. Instead it was Jacob Toppin defending Scotty Pippen. It was Dontaie Allen hitting big shots. It was Davion Mintz drilling the game-winner. At this point, who gives a fuck about recruiting rankings and NBA mock drafts. Play who will win you games. If Boston can stop doing this: 

And getting lost defensively, we're cooking with gas. Cal is starting to commit (finally) to small ball. He's playing Askew/Mintz/Allen and even Boston with that group. But when Boston puts up legit the worst shot attempt I've ever seen, it doesn't do anyone any good. We're seeing growth though. 2 turnovers. Like for the entire game. TWO. That shit happened in the first minute of the first 7 games. Even shot 81% from the free throw line. 

I don't care about the start of the season. It's about winning the SEC right now and you can't do that unless you start 2-0. I said it before but 10 wins in the SEC gets Kentucky in the Tournament. That's the goal. Don't let Kentucky get hotter. This team has confidence and that's a scary thing for everyone in the SEC. You better kill Kentucky when they are down.