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The Barstool Fund - Jack's Cafe

Fund update… 18.7 million raised closing in on 19, almost 150k supporters. 80 businesses supported. Shout out to Cross Country Mortgage for coming in with a $25k donation to help cover our next business.. Jack's Cafe (Verona, NJ)

Family owned and operated for the last 24 years, Jack’s Cafe is a community staple in Verona, New Jersey thanks to great food, drink and atmosphere. If you’re a regular at Jack’s, chances are everybody knows your name and your usual order.



Reader Email

My name is Rachel McNamara, I live in New Jersey. First, I just want to say that this idea is absolutely amazing and you guys are truly doing a wonderful thing for so many people that deserve something wonderful this year. I am currently putting myself through school, studying to become a special education teacher and my brother is in law enforcement. We have two of the hardest working, generous, and selfless parents anyone could ask for. My parents own a very small restaurant in Verona, New Jersey called Jack’s Cafe that employs 6 people. It is open for breakfast and lunch, and they have been in business for almost 24 years. My parents are in their 60’s and have had health issues over time. My dad had a massive heart attack and has been in and out of hospitals ever since. He is left with 25% of his heart. It’s a miracle he is alive today and we are so lucky to have him with us. He is very limited in what he is able to do, but still works 7 days per week. He’s an old school guy who knows nothing else other than working hard. So, a lot is put on the shoulders of my mom, who she herself beat cancer twice. She is the strongest woman I know and through everything, she’s always got a smile on her face even though it’s getting harder to keep the doors open. Most importantly, they refuse to let their staff go. This pandemic has been a nightmare for everyone, but especially small businesses. As like many small businesses, have tried everything to stay alive (curbside pick-up, delivery, creating new specials, boosting our social media, etc.). We even have tried outdoor dining, but we are located on busy Avenue so we have no more than a narrow side walk worth the space which only allowed for 2 small tables. The community has supported the restaurant through the entire thing, but business certainly has not been the same. Watching them put their whole lives into this business, it would break us to see them have to close their doors, which is what is to come. They have taken out loans and can’t seem to stay on their feet. They deserve the world and deserve to pass the restaurant on, not be forced to close their doors. While I know this email will be one of thousands you receive, I just want to reiterate that what you guys are doing here is special. Many deserving people are going to get some much needed help. Jack’s is a community staple and could really use the help. So guys, thank you for your time, and on behalf of small business families all over this great nation, thank you for what you’re doing, and have a happy and blessed New Year.