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Long Island Delivery Driver Freaks Out And Returns The Food Because She Isn't Happy With An Eight Dollar Tip

I'm not a cheap person by any stretch of the imagination. If you tracked down every person who's ever waited on me I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who would say a bad word. Pre-pandemic you couldn't dumped a pitcher of water on my head and spit in my food and I'd tip 20% with a smile, post-pandemic I'm often going much higher. Sorry for bragging but facts are facts.

Having said that, you gotta be out of your fucking mind if you think a delivery deserves more than an 8 dollar tip on a regular order. That's good money for a 15-20 minute drive. She claims it was 40 minutes but Long Island folks tell me the customer was right with his assumption. She also says apps don't tell the driver how long a ride it is, that's another lie according to my sources (people on Twitter). I'd love to say I'd chase her down the driveway and take my food back but the reality is I'd just laugh, say she's a lunatic, then order the same meal again.

But my big note here is people who are defending this woman. People who are saying things like "everyone should work for tips once in their life." People LOVVVVEEEEE saying that shit. "Everyone should wait tables or work for tips or work retail once in their life, then they'd really understand how hard it is." First of all, we all have. Like every millenial in the world has had one or all of those jobs. I've never been a waiter because I'm not pretty enough but I've bartended, barbacked, worked retail, catered, worked in a whole mess of service industry jobs. You know what my takeaway was? The same takeaway I have any time I interact with a person on a daily basis: some people are dicks, some people are nice. That's it. Sometimes you talk to people and have a good experience, sometimes you walk away rolling your eyes and motherfucking them. That's just how having a conversation goes. It's not a dig at people who work for tips, not even a little bit, they literally keep me alive, but the folks on Twitter riding for this lady like she just finished a tour in Iraq are crazy pants.

PS - It's also insane how far the delivery industry has fallen. It's reached the point that I'm impressed when someone shows up and the food is in one of those boxes that keeps it hot. I'm downright thrilled to learn my food hasn't been hanging from a bike handle, blowing in the freezing wind for the last 30 minutes. The one thing delivery apps made clear is that there's a reason we traditionally just ordered pizza and Chinese food: they're the only meals that travel even a little bit.