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If JJ Watt Is Apologizing To Deshaun Watson For Wasting A Year Of His Career, What The Hell Is Bill O'Brien Going To Say?

We can sit here and discuss whether or not JJ Watt knew the camera was there when he said this. I'm going to guess yes. But this is about Bill O'Brien and the line 'wasting a year.' Deshaun Watson is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Not even sure that's up for debate. He's fucking awesome. The Texans? They aren't awesome. They are a 4-12 team that wouldn't even be in contention in the NFC East. They stink. Hell, it got to the point where Watt led a revolt against O'Brien

But imagine if Watson had an awesome wide receiver that could help him out on offense? Wait, a minute. Wait a damn minute here. You're telling me they had DeAndre Hopkins? This DeAndre Hopkins? 

And they traded him for a running back. A RUNNING BACK. In the NFL, a league where QB/WR mean way more to a team's success than a running back (Titans excluded). Instead we saw this … a lot, this year: 

Not even just the drops. Watson was running around for his life back there pretty much every possession. He was sacked the second most times this year behind just Carson Wentz. I don't know, maybe trade for an OL if you're trading Hopkins. Maybe keep an elite WR that can help with quick passes. And when you do trade for an OL, don't give up an unprotected FIRST ROUNDER (and second rounder). Because this happens: 

Shit, Watson is BEGGING for help

The man is too good, too entertaining to be stuck with shit during the prime of his career. Then again, we could just look at last year's playoff game. You know, the one where O'Brien decided to kick a 31 yard field goal while up 21-0 against the Chiefs. The one that immediately gave the Chiefs all the momentum. O'Brien should have been on his knees begging Watson for forgiveness after that. Now that we have Watt apologizing publicly, O'Brien needs a state of the union where he just apologizes and lists his mistakes. 

A good lesson: Don't trade an elite WR for a running back. Ever. Just don't do it.

Great lesson: Don't let Bill O'Brien run your team.