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The NFL Does Not Have Plans To Move The Browns-Steelers Playoff Game

Another new Browns coach in January!


Off the top, what the fuck is Mike Tomlin even saying in that quote?

What an absolute mountain of SHIT for the Browns today…

Just one big, hearty FUCK.

It's pretty clear, which shouldn't be a surprise, that the NFL will not move the game…

Honestly, would that even matter? The positive tests would have to clear a 10-day window in order to play, so I am not sure, aside from eliminating the empty week between the Super Bowl, how it would even work for the Browns. There is no combination that makes a ton of sense. It fucking sucks, don't get me wrong, but the moving of the game isn't what is bothering me… it's this:

I am tired of hearing the excuses and bullshit from the NFL about the Browns situation. It may not be as bad as the Ravens' situation, but the Browns now have over 10 combined players and coaches on the COVID list and have dealt with positive tests for half of the season. It's clearly more than just a "small problem," even if the NFL wants to pump the idea that this is a community issue and not an outbreak within the team.

The NFL can toss all their shit out there, and say what they want, but the fact they're just dragging the Browns back out there now for three straight weeks of shutdowns, positive tests, close contacts, and no practices seems a little… crazy to me?

I've never worn one of these before, but…

…I might now.

SIDE NOTE: Feel like Kevin Stefanski should be able to call plays remotely in the stadium…

…it has been done before!