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When Life Imitates Art - The Last Call In 2020 To A Central Florida Fire Station Was For A Literal Dumpster Fire

Get it like the picture everyone always uses to describe 2020. Get It? A Dumpster Fire?

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There might not be an overplayed gif or picture than that dumpster fire. A team is struggling? Dumpster fire. The NFC East this year? Just search it on Twitter and there are a billion dumpster fire pictures. Tennessee football? Might as well replace The Rock with a dumpster fire. And now there's 2020. Sure the year sucked. We got hit with a global pandemic, small businesses across the country are being forced to shut down, we didn't have the NCAA Tournament, you know all that happened. The dumpster fire gif may not have been used more than on December 31, 2020 when people summed up the year. Then you look at Florida - and of course it was Florida - the year ended with a call for a literal dumpster fire. Sometimes life imitates art perfectly, this is one of those times. But it's positive vibes only in 2021. We're getting an NCAA Tournament. The pandemic will hopefully go down. Small businesses will hopefully be alright thanks to the Barstool Fund. Tennessee football will still suck.