I Am DISGUSTED By The Twitter Trolls Shaming Tennis Star Camila Giorgi For Posing In Lingerie

Here is 29 year-old Italian tennis player Camila Giorgi wishing all of her instagram followers a happy new year. Honestly, I saw these photos and they made me happier so mission accomplished if you ask me. It's nice to see that she is a woman who is confident enough to do both. She can be a little Italian minx one day, and reach the quarterfinals of Wimbledon the next. Yet, that isn't good enough for some people. People I would call jealous, pathetic, losers who hate anyone that is beautiful, accomplished, and #BodyPositive

The comments on the photos are disgusting

"from tennis star to porn star in one set"---an asshole

"Come on! You're gorgeous but do you really need to expose your body in public to boost your confidence?"--a neanderthal 

"Get into porn. It will make you more successful than tennis"--a jealous hater

The comments go on and on like that and it disgusts me. We are in 2021 people. We aren't supposed to body shame or slut shame or pigeon hole people into one category. It is possible for Camila to be an athlete, a business woman, and a god damn ROCKET ship if she wants to and she has proven time and time again that she can be all three. Here is more evidence of the latter