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Ron Rivera Is Dangling The Idea That Both Alex Smith And Taylor Heinicke Will Play On Saturday



Is this smoke screens and mirrors so Tampa takes a small amount of time watching Taylor Heinicke tape? Or is Riverboat Ron actually preparing a game plan that includes Alex Smith AND Taylor Heinicke rotating at QB? The latter would be bizarre, but there are certainly situations where Heinicke would be the better option, namely 3rd and shorts and a QB that can scramble and pick up a 1st down with his legs would be the more viable option. Because as we saw on Sunday, Alex Smith is about as immobile as a QB can get right now. He's basically a 1-legged pirate back there, and it seems Ron is admitting he knows that won't be enough to beat the Bucs this weekend. Shit, it was barely enough to beat a tanking, desperate to lose Eagles team. 

No matter who plays QB on Saturday, this game will come down to the WFT's defense and stopping Tom Brady, that's the fact. It won't matter if the QB is Alex Smith, Taylor Heinicke, or the ghost of Dwayne Haskin's favorite stripper, if Tom Brady is balling, that's the ballgame. But get some key stops and turnovers, get the ball into Antonio Gibson and Terry McLaurin's hands, and who knows what can happen. I'd like to believe we have a chance. Why not, right? Any given Sunday (or Saturday).