It Absolutely Warms My Soul That The Barstool Fund Made It On WGN Morning News

I know the Shinn Cleaners Call has been blogged and shared and blogged and shared but Scout's Honor there's really no such thing as Too Much Shinn Cleaners Call content where I'm from. So nail me to the cross I'm running it back one more time because we find ourselves square in the middle of WGN Morning news today. Easily the most dominant and prolific morning show in the Chicagoland area. Their crew has been holding that crown for what seems like my entire life, so really no need to debate that point. 

At a higher level though, you have to wonder where the WGN Morning News ranks nationally and historically. Like I know we're spoiled with food and architecture and alleys and a robust streets & sanitation budget in this city. But how often do we rank the SuperStation's morning show amongst our most treasured delicacies? Seems to fly under the radar a bit too much so let me be pretty clear and give them some shine. 


I'm willing to say it's our best local TV program period. (Calm down Svengoolie enthusiasts.) The chemistry with Robin & Larry is virtually unparalleled in any partnership comparison. You've got the zany Pat Tomasulo with not just a 9.3 last name but also sense of humor. There's Ana Belaval around town and Paul Konrad busting balls. Marcus Leshock on the roller coasters and across the internet. And pointed entertainment segments with Dean Richards? Yes please. 

This is a cast and crew that fuels this city and it brings so much joy to see the Barstool Fund get some playing time today. I speak for nobody but myself when I say it's absolute fucking bananaland major media distributors refuse to play ball with this story. I'm borderline sick just thinking about it. So of course it's great to see WGN mix in a fresh taste today. Thanks guys. 

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