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Wake Up With Max Muncy Going At It With Madison Bumgarner After Depositing A Homer Into The Cove

Max Muncy has made a name for himself in the pimping home run game over the past few seasons. Hard to forget this bomb off Madison Bumgarner a few years back. He turns on a ball, smokes it, immediately drops the bat, drops his head and starts his slow walk to first. Bumgarner seems more concerned with how Muncy is acting instead of how far the ball is going. MadBum starts yelling right away at Muncy, just chirping the whole way. Hey Madison, how about you let these guys watch their home run for .01 seconds before you start chewing them out. I'm a little tired of his "PLAY THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY AND RESPECT ME ON THE MOUND" stuff, if a guy wants to drop his bat and watch, he earned that right. Comes back to the old "if you don't want them to celebrate, stop them." But nope, MadBum has to do this marching off the mound and yelling stuff every time someone dings him like this. Muncy with the all time postgame chirp too, telling reporters that he told Madison to get the ball out of the ocean. Top notch shit talk by Mad Max.