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Johnny Walker Just Pulled Off "The Michigan" Against #1 Ranked Minnesota

Is "the Michigan" even worthy of a blog anymore? I feel like it still is, but we are starting to teeter that line. It seems like every day you are starting to see these goals scored at high levels and that was no different tonight. Arizona State Senior Captain Johhny Walker pulled it off tonight against the 9-0-0 #1 Ranked Minnesota Gophers (is that good?) so in this case it's definitely blog worthy. Not only that, but the fact Johnny Walker is still playing college hockey is insane. We had this kid on the podcast in 2018. Episode 122!!! That was almost 200 episodes ago and this kid is still just scoring goals, crushing pink whitney and absoultey ripping up the Arizona State Campus on the weekends. Buddy went undrafted so why not spend all 4 years just crushing life at one of the biggest party school in the country before sending it to the pros. What a life.