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I Think Joe Judge May Murder Doug Pederson. Not For Losing Last Night's Game But For Disrespecting The Game Of Football

THAT'S MY HEAD COACH. Be right back, I'm gonna go run a lap around the Casa de Clem for this guy.

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Be right back, I'm gonna go puke up the last 2 weeks of overeating.

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Okay, that's better.

I don't know if I ever got sick of a "controversy" quicker than I did during last night's Eagles/Washington game. I had Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth saying Giants fans should be pissed that Doug Pederson was waving the white flag while down by 3, Twitter saying Giants fans have nothing to complain about since their team went 6-10, and me saying "Alright Nate, let's get a first down here and make something happen" while trying to coach up Philly Nate Peterman like a fucking idiot. In the end, none of this matters because who gives a shit? I hated the Eagles before last night and I hate them today. Nothing changed outside of a chance for my team to beat Tom Brady's ass in the playoffs again.

However, what does matter is that the Giants will be playing the Eagles 2 times a year every year until greedy Goodell and the NFL tries to upgrade to a 24 game schedule, which will probably be within the next decade. Nonetheless, you can be assured Coach Judge is going to unleash holy hell on Doug Pederson for what he did last night. Not for losing the game. To be honest, I don't think Coach Judge is even mad about the Giants missing the playoffs because he actually said it was the Giants fault their destiny wasn't in their hands.

What Coach Judge can't forgive however is someone disrespecting the game of football. No true Football Guy can. And to be honest, I don't know if there is a purer Football Guy in the National Football League than Coach Judge. He has coaches running laps to promote accountability, DBs taping tennis balls to their hands so they learn not to hold, Christmas being cancelled to prepare for a non-conference game. The Giants have to be -300 in Vegas to bury a football at some point next season. I imagine Coach Judge already hated Doug Pederson because he wears visors and always goes for it on 4th Down like some prissy fancy boy. But what Doug Pederson did last night was essentially wipe his ass with Coach Judge's Bible then piss on Vince Lombardi's grave. You can disrespect Coach Judge and even disrespect his team. But if you disrespect the game of football, this is the man you will see show up at your front door and will be the last face you ever see.

#PrayForDougPederson #IfHesStillTheEaglesCoachByTheFirstGiantsGameNextSeason