The Mexican SWAT Team Might Not Be As Well Trained As You'd Expect The Mexican SWAT Team To Be


I know what you’re thinking: Mexico must have the best and brightest SWAT team in the world. So many drug lords (escaping from prison, but still), so much crime and poverty, they must have a team in place to keep the entire country from turning into the pre-Robocop part of Robocop. But instead you get a team of guys with the athleticism of a fat Midwestern tourist on a zipline in the Caribbean who can’t even keep their gun from firing off in the middle of a parade. It’s like the living embodiment of that old “Why isn’t there a Mexican Olympics?” joke except much more depressing for the poor people relying on these incompetents to protect them.


Also the people applauding after the guy crashing into the Jeep’s gun went off…did they get confused and think they were suddenly in a Universal Studios stage show? Just a crowd full of people applauding and talking like Sammy Sosa in this old High Heat Baseball commercial after the paramedics stretchered the injured guy out: