Not a second goes by that I'm not impressed by the Barstool Fund. 17 million dollars, 74 businesses supported, and 139,000 people have donated. That's amazing. Every call that Dave posts on Twitter is a tear-jerker. These small business owners are just so happy someone is there to help. I'm not going to talk politics but I always think that for every 1 video we see of a family business being saved, 50 others are closing down because nobody is there to help them. It pains me. Why isn't more being done? So thank goodness for everyone who has stepped up and donated. No donation is too small. From $1 to $1 million, every bit counts. From Guy Fieri



To Scott Hanson



To Daniel Negreanu




It's been amazing to see people from all corners of the internet come together with the common goal- to save small businesses. 

And by the way, if you want to enter the Daniel Negreanu raffle, there is still time. $100 donation gives you 1 ticket into the raffle. $200=2 tickets, etc. So far we have raised $22,440 and once it hits $25,000 Daniel will match it and we will draw a winner for a 1 hour poker lesson with him. If you've already donated $100+, send your receipt to to get entered.

To see all the stories of the businesses and to donate to the fund: