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Tim Dillon Goes On An All-Time Rant About Two Ladies Who Gave Him A Shitty Rating On Airbnb

In case it doesn't skip, the part of the video I'm referring to is from 59:10-104:50, but you should watch the whole thing. The first couple minutes leading up to that part are brutal. Wildly hilarious and wildly inappropriate. I've been following Tim Dillon for a while and I can genuinely say he gets funnier every episode. 

Here's the note he sent to the people who fucked him over on AirBnB...

"Later Pig." He also told his followers to rent out the house and invite him over so he could take pictures in it to send to the ladies. What a mad man. To be honest, I get where he's coming from. People who rent their primary houses out on AirBnB are trash. It's just a dirty way to live. If I could do it I would, but that doesn't make it any less disgusting. I'm of the belief that if you go on vacation, unless you're with a large group, you should stay in hotel. The point of vacation is to relax- that means room service, being picked up after, and having all your needs taken care of. Not living like you normally would in a different location. Regardless, this rant killed me. Leave your AirBnB guests good ratings and they'll do the same for you. End rant.