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Iowa's Jordan Bohannon Describes the Time the NCAA Once Confiscated Goldfish From Him

It's Monday, which means a new episode of the Barstool Bench Mob is live. On our first episode of 2021, we welcomed on Iowa senior guard Jordan Bohannon to the show. We discussed plenty of topics with the Hawkeye, including an update on his season, playing with Luka Garza, and yes, his beef with the NCAA. Bohannon has been very vocal on the issues he has with the NCAA, and he told us a unique story that occurred a couple of years ago during March Madness. 

"When we played Cincinnati in the NCAA Tournament my junior year, just came off a huge win, we were the 10 seed playing Cincinnati in Ohio, so it was just an insane game. One of the most crazy games I've ever been associated with, ended up winning that game, walking off the court, had a pretty decent game, 15 and 6 or something. And I'm going to the postgame press conference, I have a bag of Goldfish, and I'm walking in to do my postgame press conference, there's all these reporters, national media. I go up onto the stage, and this NCAA official comes running towards me and grabs the Goldfish from my hand, and says, 'You can't have that, that's not endorsed by the NCAA.' I'm like, 'What the hell? How is that even a thing?' We can't even make money, and I can't even have Goldfish after the game? That's just completely idiotic, a story I will always remember for the rest of my life."

Yikes. The NCAA strikes again. This was just one of many great stories that Bohannon told on today's show. In addition to our interview, we discussed all the other big games around the nation and took a couple of Mobster voicemails. 

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