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The Fathers Of The Sacramento Kings Young Core Want Marvin Bagley Traded

OK there is a lot to digest here. First, allow me to set the table for you. The Kings are currently 3-3 and in the 8 spot in the West. Not bad after the first two weeks right? Well because they're the Kings, of course they couldn't just enjoy this decent start. That would make too much sense and be something that resembled a franchise that wasn't a complete dumpster fire. 

Then we have the news that De'Aaron Fox's Dad's name is Aaron. That's just amazing and something I did not know before this whole saga started. Going with De'Aaron Fox is wayyyy more of a power move than naming your soon Aaron Fox Jr. I don't know why, but that little nugget makes this whole thing a little bit more enjoyable.

As we saw on Twitter last night, De'Aaron Fox is none too pleased with what's going on

When it comes to Bagley, he's been fine to start the year I guess. He starts, plays around 25 minutes a night, and is putting up 11/8. The issue is his shooting, where he's coming in at a nice 37/30%. After two injury-plagued seasons to start his career, I would say he's dominating this season by any means. Considering where he was drafted, that's tough. 

But when stuff like this happens, I always feel for the player. The last thing they want to deal with is their parent going off on Twitter talking this nonsense. Because now it's a story. Now people are going to talk about it and they'll have to answer questions about it making it a distraction. Even if Bagley DOES want to be traded and have a fresh start somewhere else (he certainly wouldn't be the first), you can't have this. You gotta keep this stuff in house. 

Sadly, because these guys are olds, I don't think they understand the internet fully. They probably thought a quick delete would do the trick. Not only does the internet see everything, NBA Twitter most definitely sees everything. This is what we live for. I also have bad news for these Dads. The Kings have no reason to trade Marvin Bagley. He's in Year 3 of his rookie deal, he had one more guaranteed year next season and then becomes a RFA in 2022-23. If the Kings want him, he's there for a lonnnnnng time. Seeing as how he's only 21 and where he was selected, you don't just give up on that player so early into his career. We could see Marvin Bagley in SAC for at least another 6 seasons if the Kings want.


It's stories like these that make me happy that Papa Greenie has no idea how to use the internet. I'm not talking Twitter, I'm talking like...the internet as a whole. Can't do it, won't learn. My parents still use the phone book and print out directions on MapQuest. They just drove from MA to AZ and printed out the directions. That is not a joke. So I'm thankful that I never had to deal with him going off on Twitter causing basketball drama. Granted I don't think anyone would be tweeting about the Eastern Independent League and a small private school in Worcester, MA but you get what I mean. We're all lucky that our parents are too old and too confused to understand how Twitter works. 

I just think things would come off better if Bagley didn't kind of stink. Like his Dad should be happy the Kings even want him on the roster in the first place, not out here demanding a trade. Also, you have to think about how other teams will view this. Is a team going to even want to trade for Bagley if his Dad is going to be a distraction? Look at what's going on with Lonzo. So instead of demanding a trade on Twitter, maybe focus on the fact that the Kings are maybe going to be decent this year and ruining their chemistry probably isn't the best idea!

For the record though, if he ever was available, I'd make a call about Bagley. A young big who maybe just has the Sacramento stink on him that might be had for a reasonable price? We've seen worse players get traded.