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No Better Way To Start The New Year In New York Than Watching A Chicken Shit All Over Your Subway Car

Doug Pederson has some nerve riding the NYC subway today!

Giphy Images.

Seriously though, there is enough shit New Yorkers have to deal with during their morning commutes outside of actual shit, which I can assure you is there is no shortage of in the subway and around the city. Human shit, dog shit, pigeon shit, etc. To be honest, that's not even chicken shit in that video. That's chicken shart. Chicken diarrhea. Chicken ass water.

Simply leaving your house and commuting to work in a nice new car sucks enough on the first Monday after New Years. But to commute to work on the crowded subway during a pandemic as a fucking barnyard animal casually spills liquid shit everywhere is mental assault, brotha.

That being said, it's nice we got to see the breaking points of people that won't bat an eyelash if there is a chicken walking, a performance artist shaking their ass in their face for some cash or a crazy person screaming to the heavens about Gozer the Gozerian coming back to Earth to make mankind pay for its sins. However, a leaky chicken will get them moving with great aplomb. God bless this shitty city.