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This Figure Skater Is The Smoothest Son Of A Bitch On The Planet

It's about damn time that figure skating gets cool. 

For far too long it's been nothing but leotards and the occasional hired assault on an Olympic rival. Which just isn't all too sustainable. That can only capture your attention for so long before you're out on figure skating again. 

But you give me more of this? You give me more of this fella right here? 

This is hands down the coolest mother fucker on the planet. Tell me I'm wrong. I dare you. Maybe I'd put McConaughey in the conversation, but I don't even know if McConaughey has ever laced up a pair of skates before. Meanwhile, Elladj Baldé is the greatest skater I've seen since Kenny Wu. If anybody is going to save figure skating, it's this stallion.

Sidenote: Thankfully the NHL finally fixed the rule to make sure that this play wouldn't be offsides.