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All Ohio Bars Should Get A Stimulus Check From The NFL After It Just Took A Huge Dump On Them

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BREAKING NEWS: We are in a pandemic. Times are tough, especially for small businesses and the restaurant industry. That's why our fearless leader, Dave Portnoy, has put it upon himself to raise 17 MILLION DOLLARS in the Barstool Fund. Dave Portnoy has gone far and beyond to do his part in helping those that have been hit the hardest, but unfortunately, Roger Goodell has done his bet to pour salt in their open wounds.

Okay, before you freak out, let me make my point.

I'm 100% game for being in the primetime slot, although I will admit I'd rather have it on Saturday night to be able to sleep before work on Monday. I guess beggars can't be choosers when you make the playoffs once a century though. Anyways, Ohio bars just got the raw end of the deal big time. Folks, we're dealing with a curfew here in the great state of Ohio. Everyone must be in their home by 10 pm, and restaurants cannot be open after that. No one is going out for this game anymore. If we got the 1 pm or 4 pm time slots on either day this weekend, this would probably be the biggest money maker that Ohio establishments have seen in over a calendar year. HUGE for the bar and restaurant industry when they absolutely need it most. But the Browns are the darlings of the NFL, and everyone wants to watch them, so I guess we have to play at night.

And I know we're not the only state dealing with something like, so I don't want it to come off like I think Ohio should've gotten the opportunity to have bars open when other states shouldn't, but the fact is that we just got the old fashioned double dip. Because the very next night, the Buckeyes play in the National Championship, which will kick off around 8:45 pm. Again, do you go for one quarter and then get home before the curfew? No….you either watch from home or go to a house party. It is what it is.

I don't even know if I'm even complaining here. I'd say I'm more just point out the fact that it sucks for some people that really could use a boost. I mean, I like playing our NFL game at night. And while playing on Monday night absolutely sucks for the college football championship each and every year, that needs to be at night as well. But Ohio restaurants had the opportunity to make some of their lost money with the biggest sports weekend in Ohio history. Tough loss. Hopefully this is the only tough loss Ohioans have to deal with this week.

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